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Savour the Flavour: Exploring the World of Salted Biscuits


Biscuits, cookies, crackers—anything you call them, preserve a unique place in our hearts (and stomachs). These salted biscuits, recognised for their easy yet deeply satisfying flavor that has stood the test of time, have been a staple in many households for many years. there may be something uniquely comforting about these baked salted biscuits whether one indulges in these salted biscuits as a standalone crispy pleasure or pairs them with a steaming mug of tea or espresso, the revel by no means fails to deliver a burst of delight and comfort. those baked salted biscuits have a record as rich as their flavour. From a simple beginning, those biscuits have come a long way by transforming them into a various array of delicious creations that excite our taste buds.

What are Salted Biscuits?

These baked salted biscuits are a beloved snack that is enjoyed globally. Crafted from a combination of flour and salt, these salted biscuits come in various shapes and sizes, catering to one-of-a-kind choices. These baked salted biscuits can be used in a variety of ways to create culinary masterpieces, in addition to serving as a pleasing connection to a warm cup of tea or coffee. Salted biscuits are a blank canvas for culinary creativity, they may be used to beautify the flavours of salads and soups or as a delightful base for appetisers and sweet treats.

Ways to store Salted Biscuits?

Salted Biscuits need to be stored at room temperature in an airtight box after opening to save from sticking and lack of crispiness. The baked salt biscuits may be stored for up to two days at room temperature, but in the end, they may dry out. You can follow suggestions to hold your biscuits crispy and clean:

  • Use tissue paper: Biscuits stay crisp and fresh longer while tissue paper is used to soak up moisture.
  • keep with a small piece of bread: To keep the biscuits tender and fresh, vicinity them in a hermetic field with a small piece of bread.

From Tradition to Table

Since its small beginnings in 1921, Frontier Biscuit has greatly expanded. They were dedicated towards deliciousness as flavours have been a cornerstone for frontier biscuits. In the initial time, their variety was limited to a few products like atta biscuit, namkeen zeera biscuit, and rusk. But, with time as they started to grow in their business, they expanded their variety and now they have 48 varieties categories of biscuits, cakes, rusk, and ‘no added sugar product’. Now, if we talk about their baked salted biscuits. They noticed that salted biscuits have stood the test of time as a traditional and beloved snack that appeals to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Seeing that there was an obvious demand for these salted biscuits, Frontier decided to capitalise on their popularity and launch their very own unique version, maybe trying to attract a wide variety of customers looking for a laugh and an exclusive take on a snack. Now Frontier Biscuits has its line of baked salted biscuits like Salty Delight, Bada Nakeen, Sweet & Salty, and Twisty Puff.

How Salted Biscuits Are a Convenient Snack Time Partner?


The convenience of salted biscuits lies in their portability, making them an ideal snack for busy lifestyles. These lightweight treats can without problems be stashed in your bag or lunchbox, prepared to fuel you on the go during travel, work, or school days. Their compact size and enduring freshness make sure that you can enjoy a fulfilling and delicious treat anywhere your day takes you.

Ready to eat:

Baked salted biscuits are ready to eat right out of the package, unlike some snacks that call for cooking or preparation before consuming, these biscuits stand out for their simplicity. Their no-fuss nature makes them best for quick grabs even as on the move or when you find yourself abruptly craving a delectable treat. These biscuits require no additional effort, allowing you to enjoy them without any delay or hassle.

Long Shelf Life:

Salted biscuits are a handy snack to have in supply at all times, making them ideal for hunger whenever it strikes. Households with busy schedules will find those biscuits to be a valuable addition to their pantry, ensuring that they have got a quick and scrumptious option to experience on every occasion needed.


Salted biscuits are not only pleasant on their very own, but by customising them to fit your taste options, you may elevate your snack time to new stages of satisfaction by pairing them with cheese, spreads, dips, or even fresh fruit or veggies on top.

Variety of Salted Biscuits

Salty Delight Biscuit:

Made with wholesome ingredients like wheat flour for a hearty base and a hint of coconut powder to give them a delightful taste, these savoury snacks offer a satisfying texture play of crisp and tender. Raising agents ensure the subtle lightness and fluffiness that melts in your mouth. With a 4-month shelf life, these could be your reliable anytime companions, enjoyed solo or with your favourite dip.

Sweet & Salty Biscuit:

These delicious  baked salted biscuits from Frontier Biscuits are a combination of sweet and salt, enhanced with the taste of ajwain, or carom. Its unique and gentle texture offers a fulfilling experience as it effortlessly dissolves in your mouth, leaving a lasting impact on people who get pleasure from its delectable taste. The combination of sweet, salty, and aromatic ajwain results in a biscuit that truly stands out for its impossible-to-resist mixture of flavours and melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Bada Namkeen

These biscuits are crafted with care using a combination of wholesome ingredients, including wheat flour for a comforting texture, and vegetable oils that lend richness and precise raising agents for that perfect lightness. What makes these salted biscuits even more appealing is their impressive 4-month shelf life, you can have a satisfying batch in hand for whenever a salty craving may strike!

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Salted biscuits also bring in a sense of nostalgia. Many of us must have childhood memories of munching on them with a cup of tea or milk growing up. Baked salty biscuits are the taste of home and comfort, whether you enjoy them as an elegant side dish or as a quick snack.

As we have explored the world of salted biscuits,  Frontier Biscuits has mastered the art of pairing flavours, crafting healthy options, and innovating with new and exciting substances. Their dedication to pleasant and culture shines through in each bite, making them a loved choice for snacking in families across India. Now reach your nearest Frontier Biscuits store and get pleasure from the flavour of India in every bite.

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