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What is a good healthy evening snack?


It is high time that you prioritise your health and focus on your food habits. It is better to switch to healthful options when it comes to food, particularly snacking. Snacking is a part of Indian culture where people enjoy their evening tea or coffee with a snack. However, switching to healthy snack options can be good for you. They can have a positive impact on weight loss, carb cravings, elevated energy, and a feeling of satisfaction. 

Let's find out how you can improve your evening snacking with good healthy choices.

Evening Snacking: Pros and Cons 

Even though many people say snacking in the evening is not good, Indians can't go on without some munching after their hectic day ends or when they binge-watch their favourite shows on the TV late in the evening. According to 2020 research, the good or bad health effects may depend on the timing, the amount and grade of the evening snack you consume. Consuming more calories than your body needs and at the wrong times can result in unhealthy weight gain over time. Not only that, the grade of the evening snacks you are consuming is also important. You should prefer going for snacks with high protein and fibre content with low sugar and cholesterol content, rather than picking low-grade snacks.

So, if you want to satisfy your evening cravings with healthy snacking, here are some snacks that you can try!

Good Healthy Evening Snacks 

Flavoured Makhana and Jowar Sticks 

If you are looking for some easy snacks for evening munching and feel content, you should pick nutrient-dense snacking options like Frontier Biscuit's flavoured makhana and jowar sticks. Makhanas are gluten-free and loaded with nutrients but low cholesterol and saturated fats, which helps in lowering cardiovascular problems. Likewise, the flavoured jowar sticks are gluten-free, fibre-rich, and high in nutrition. Also, they have high carb and protein content, which keep you fuller and more active for a longer span. They are perfect for a satisfying evening snack that you can enjoy with tea and feel more energised and focused even after a long working day. 

Flavourful Rusks

Rusks is one of the most common snacks consumed in almost every Indian household along with tea in the evenings. Even if it is not the healthiest snack for the evening, it is loaded with healthy goodness and a taste that your tastebuds crave along with your evening tea! If you want to indulge yourself in a delicious snack to unwind and relax after a tiring day, you can enjoy the delightful twists on the suji rusk. Also, there are rusk options for vegetarians and people with egg allergies, like Frontier Biscuits Eggless Rusk, which is made with high-grade ingredients for everyone to enjoy. 

Sweet and Salty Biscuits 

Want to tickle your tastebuds with a healthy snack option? You can pick biscuits with two-in-one flavouring, i.e., something deliciously sweet and salty. Frontier Biscuit’s Sweet and Salty Biscuits is a perfect tea-time companion for people of all ages, every time. Even though two opposing flavours are mixed together in these biscuits, they will blend beautifully together to give a delightful taste. Plus, when you don't have a sweet tooth or your sodium needs are high, treat yourself with a pack of Frontier Biscuit's Sweet N Salty Biscuits. 

Flavoured Popcorns 

If you need a tasty munching snack that goes easy on your health, you just need a bowl of popcorn in your hand. Anyone who prefers a nourishing choice to satisfy their taste buds enjoys it while watching a web series, especially when they are flavoured. However, flavoured popcorn is loved more than plain popcorn because of its heavenly flavours, which are perfect for evening snacks. Popcorns help support a good digestive system as they contain high fibre. Also, for people who want to keep a check on their blood sugar spikes, popcorn can be an ideal snack for them as it slows down the taking up of sugars in the bloodstream. Feel your taste buds swat to the flavours of the popcorn.

Oats and Multigrain Biscuits 

If you need some more nutritional evening snack options, you can pick snacks that are loaded with protein, fibre, and healthy fats, which do not raise your blood sugar levels, get digested slowly and do not make you feel hungry for a longer period. You can find diverse scrumptious and healthy biscuits, such as Frontier Biscuit's oats and multigrain biscuits, that not only make you feel content and happy.  Also, if you prefer a tasty and healthy biscuit with some flavours, you can try Frontier Biscuit’s Honey Ginger Biscuits and Honey Cinnamon Biscuits, which are combined with the goodness of honey to deliver a dramatic flavour. So, don't wait any longer to indulge in these healthy, opulent biscuits that go easy on your digestive system!

Enjoy Snacking Guilt-Free! 

Snacking is definitely enjoyed in the evenings. Be it with your office colleagues or study buddies, you should look for healthy snack options to enjoy your snacking sessions guilt-free. The key to enjoying tasty snacks healthily is to snack with limitations and keep checking on the amount you are consuming. You can also enjoy cakes and muffins if your sweet tooth is calling for some attention. So, be it makhana or popcorn, you can enjoy your favourite snack for evening to the fullest in a healthy way and guilt-free if you consume it in a limited amount.

Healthy Questions!

What is a good snack for losing weight? 

For losing weight, you should prefer healthier snacking options, like oats and multigrain biscuits. Or, you can go for flavoured popcorns, makhanas, or jowar sticks which are highly nutritional. 

Is it okay to enjoy snacks late at night? 

Don't eat late at night, if you want to lose some weight. Rather, you should prefer eating at least a few hours before you sleep. Laying down immediately after eating does not help in losing weight. 

What is the healthiest evening snack? 

Any snack with a good amount of nutrients, low calories, zero cholesterol and trans fat is the healthiest option that you can have in the evening.

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Snacking in the evenings is not bad for your health as long as you pick healthier snacks. Whether it is after a long day at work or a simple craving for tasty easy snacks for evening, a tasty and healthy snack can bring life to your taste buds while refreshing your mind. If you need healthy snack options, Frontier Biscuit offers a lot of options. Pick your favourite and enjoy snacking healthily. 


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