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100 Years of Sweet Success: The Story of Frontier Biscuits

Biscuits and snacks have been around for a century, representing our feelings of happiness, comfort, and nostalgia. These delights have a wonderful ability, to take us to the treasured childhood days, family reunions and the simple joys of life. As a brand with a legacy, Frontier Biscuits ought to safeguard those memories.

Every crunch and bite enables you to be a part of an age-old tradition of forming friendships and every bite begins a new journey down memory lane. Join us as we remember our history and bring back your memories.

Our History

With our beginnings dating back to 1921 in Hoti Mardan, now part of West Pakistan, Frontier Biscuits has been a part of the transition of a nation from a struggle for independence to being a global economic powerhouse. In the early 1947s, a young 17-year-old Munshi Ram Sethi set out on a journey from his hometown to Delhi, leaving behind all the familiar sights and sounds of his childhood. Munshi Ram, with his father Mangal Sain, has spent countless hours in a small biscuit bakery, creating amazing treats that would soon become beloved by many.

Our production of handmade biscuits in the 1950s barely got to 10-15 kilograms, yet our commitment remained untouched. With the earnings of around 50 paise per kilogram during the 1970s, our passion for baking remains continued. It was Mangal Sain's vision that made us establish a shop in Sadar Bazar, Delhi, where Munshi Ram keep "Frontier" the name of our enterprise.

Going with the statement of quality over quantity, Frontier Biscuits set itself apart, marking its footsteps as one of the iconic brands to date. Munshi Ram's belief in direct sales through company-owned or exclusive franchise stores helped Frontier get into the forefront with its in-demand niche in the market.

As the years passed, we flourished, expanding our production from a handful of recipes to an impressive line of 48 biscuit varieties, cakes, and even sugar-free options. This leadership is being passed from generation to generation, with Munshi Ram's sons, Pawan and Sanjeev, contributing their expertise to the family business.

Presently being the fourth generation, Sethis has taken up the administration and the brand is maintaining the track with its tradition of quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction. From its origins to its present, the episodes of events take us to witness the success of Frontier Biscuits which becomes a true mark of the strength, vision and a familiar appeal that attracts people towards our brand.

The Present

We, at Frontier, are proud to be a leading manufacturer of eggless premium biscuits. Throughout our journey, we have remained true to our commitment to offering our self-developed biscuits through our exclusive shopping zones. We have always put priority on the development of fine products and the provision of quality customer services. Quality benchmarks for all operations are what we continually strive for, it is the core of our unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Here’s a list of some of our productions:

With a fine range of biscuits, that have both sweet and salty flavours, Frontier has a niche for itself in the world of biscuits. From classics to innovative recipes, each biscuit is made with good-quality ingredients. Frontier Biscuits is not only known for its products but also its commitment to quality and taste. Whether you want something sweet to satisfy your dessert needs or something savoury to go with your tea-time indulgence, Frontier has got something for everyone.

From the Aalu Bhujia to the Bhel Puri and the flavorful Mixture, we have snacks for every taste. With the vision to contribute to traditional flavours with modern taste, we have recognised the demand for flavorful snacks that satisfy your cravings for every mood. keeping our mission the same, we will delight our customers with delicious snacks that bring people together and create lasting memories.

Indulge in the goodness of our savoury snacks that range from crunchy namkeen to flavorful makhanas and so much more. With flavour, meticulously infused to perfection to ensure a non-compromise snacking experience. It can serve your craving for the tangy kick of chaat masala or the robust spices of traditional Indian snacks.

For those moments of sweet tooth, our Sweets range offers a tempting array of confections that will leave you craving for more and more. From all-time favourites like barfis and laddoos to innovative ones like chocolate-coated nuts and gourmet cookies, our sweets make the best of all the celebrations with tradition and innovation at every step. Made with love, each sweet fills you with the rich heritage of Indian sweets while offering a modern essence.

Seasonal Products show our commitment to bringing delightful treats that can complement the changing seasons and your needs. Among our offerings, we proudly present seasonal delicacies such as Gajjak, Chikki, and our Winter Special Biscuit.

Our Gajjak and Chikki are classics that have the essence of traditional Indian sweets with their rich flavours and satisfying textures. Crafted with care these seasonal delicacies are cherished by customers who would love some sense of warmth and nostalgia for the winters.

Also, our Winter Special Biscuit is specially made for you to add a touch of cosiness to those chilly days. Packed with wholesome goodness and comforting spices, these biscuits give perfect company to a steaming cup of tea or coffee during the colder months.

Signing off!

With the continuous showcase of excellence, Frontier has built the trust and gained the loyalty of its customers who seek nothing but the best for themselves and their families to spend some cherishing family tea time. From picking up something crispy to munching on or be it sweet little treats, Frontier Biscuits will make your taste buds excited with its range of tasty biscuits and other products, making it a household name for quality and flavour.

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