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Which Biscuit is Good for Weight Loss?


Biscuits, our beloved guilty pleasure, often fly under the radar when it comes to weight loss. While many packaged options pack a calorie and sugar punch, there is one thing that can support your slim-down journey and that is the ingredient or what we call "what's inside". Let's face it, we're diligent about monitoring what we eat...until the biscuit tin beckons. But fear not! With a keen eye on labels and a knack for picking biscuits made with wholesome ingredients, you can enjoy your favourite snack without the weighty guilt. 

So, biscuit lovers on a mission to shed some of those extra pounds, this one's for you! Get ready to explore the ingredients that make a difference and those best left on the shelf. Let's munch our way to healthier choices together keeping in mind biscuits for weight loss!

A Basic Introduction to Biscuits

Biscuits, those delightful bakery treats, actually have a cool origin story. Back in ancient Rome, they were baked twice to stay fresh on trips, hence the name "twice-baked" in Latin. But let's be real, those early biscuits were pretty tough and bland, meant more for survival than enjoyment.

Luckily, centuries later, British bakers jazzed them up with sugar and spices, turning them into the tasty snacks we know today. Now, there's a biscuit for every craving, from sweet to savoury, making them perfect for any occasion!

Biscuit Ingredients to Consider for Weight Loss

This is not to say that biscuits are the heroes of weight loss, but still, they can be enjoyed in small portions as part of a balanced diet. In selecting the perfect biscuit buddy, be mindful of calories, sugar, fibre, and portion size.

Here are a few ingredients you can look out for the next time you try biscuits for weight loss:


      Oats are like the magic ingredient that turns ordinary biscuits into healthy superheroes! Why not try your oats in a biscuit, using rolled oats or oat flour to give a little twist to traditional biscuits? Oat biscuits are rich in flavour and guilt-free, with a lower amount of sugar and more fibre to make you feel light and satisfied. It's biscuit time, with a healthy twist! Honey Oats biscuits from Frontier can be a good option to start exploring your options.

        Seeds and Nuts

          Seeds and nuts provide powerhouses of nutrition—full of protein, healthy fats, and fibre to fill you up and make you satisfied. Adding these crunchy gems, such as walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds, makes a good portion for weight loss cookies to give you a burst of flavour, along with adding to your nutrient count. You can consider Frontier’s dry fruit biscuits that are brimming with the goodness of dried fruits.


              Ragi, the superhero of grains, teams up with biscuits to help in your weight loss journey. Thanks to ragi's complex carbs, hunger takes a backseat while energy levels soar. Plus, with less sugar and fat than regular biscuits, these ragi treats are not just tasty but also a guilt-free snack option.

                Whole Wheat

                  Whole wheat could be a smarter pick for weight loss cookies compared to regular ones since they're loaded with more fibre and nutrients. The fibre in whole wheat keeps you feeling satisfied longer, curbing those pesky cravings and helping you shed those extra pounds. Frontier Biscuits also offers a range of whole-wheat biscuits for you to get started.

                  Plus, these biscuits usually have less sugar and fat than the usual suspects, making them a win-win. But hey, don't go overboard – even whole wheat biscuits can add up in calories, so keep an eye on your portions. To trim down, enjoy them as a treat once in a while.

                    Healthy Fats

                      Skip the butter and opt for healthier fats instead – biscuits loaded with MUFA and PUFA are the safer bet. These fats not only promote a healthier heart but also help keep those cravings at bay.

                      What To Keep in Mind When Buying Biscuits for Weight Loss?

                      Here’s what you can do:

                      • Eye on Ingredients

                      Go for simple and natural ingredients for better biscuit choices. Watch out for varieties that require fewer ingredients—those that are loaded with wholesome goodness such as whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Avoid these sugary, artificial, and preservative-laden options for a much healthier snack.

                      • Calorie Counts

                      Opt for low-calorie biscuits for weight loss and skip the indulgent ones, like those smothered in chocolate or stuffed with cream. Treat yourself to lighter options for guilt-free munching.

                      • Serving Size

                      If you are concerned about weight, paying attention to the size of the servings you eat helps control calorie consumption and, in turn, develops better eating habits. The serving size on nutrition labels becomes an indicator of how much you really have to consume and, more importantly, make better food choices.

                      • Low-Fat, High-Fibre Alternative

                      Low-fat varieties are a win-win for those watching their diet or aiming to slim down since they're lower in calories. Look out for options crafted with nutritious grains like whole wheat or oats for an added health boost. Fibre-packed biscuits for weight loss are another smart choice, not just for keeping things moving smoothly but also for helping you feel fuller for longer and keeping those sugar levels in check.

                      • Mindful Munching

                      Chew your biscuits mindfully. Serve them with consciousness; take it slow, enjoying each mouthful and focusing on the flavours and textures involved. You might find that even a smaller portion leaves you feeling satisfied. By honing your self-control skills, you can avoid overindulging and better manage your snack time.

                      Biscuits and Weight Loss

                      Eating a lot of biscuits for weight loss, with all their sugary, fatty goodness, can pack on the pounds and bring along some health issues. So, it's wise to keep them in check and snack smarter by loading up on fruits, veggies, and other good stuff.

                      If you are looking to lose weight, one or two biscuits—depending on their size and nutritional value—now and then will normally be alright, unless it is a serious matter of losing weight. But for a personalised recipe, it would always be good to consult a nutritionist whereby one can come up with the appropriate balance with the body and goals.


                      Not all biscuits are created equal! Some biscuits contain good content like whole grains, nuts and seeds—a tasty and healthy snack when not overdone. Look for the label to check. And for those that love biscuits, Frontier Biscuits come in a variety to savour. Regarding weight loss, it's not just about what you eat, but also about how your body works and how you get your body moving. Although some foods like weight loss cookies may add to weight loss a little, there's no magic solution.

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