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Cake Rusk: The Perfect Companion to Your Morning Coffee or Tea

Every tea shop in India- whether small or large, often carries old jars of delicious tea time companions, one of which is the classic rusk. Rusks are definitely one of the most popular tea-time food items and their popularity is perhaps only matched by biscuits in India. While the word rusk is often used to refer to rusks, ‘toasts’, and cake rusks- all of these have some basic differences whether in the form of ingredients or making which sets each of them apart from each other. In this blog, let us have a look at cake rusk biscuit options and how they have become the best companion for tea and coffee for Indians. 

Rusk vs Cake Rusks: Same or Different?

While the terms rusks and cake rusks are often used to refer to the same delicious tea-time companion in India, there are some particular characteristics that set these two apart from each other. The basic similarity between a regular rusk and a cake rusk is that both are bakery products in the form of ‘bread’ that are baked twice for a dry texture and a crispy crunch- but this similarity ends when tastes and recipes are concerned. How? Let us find out:


Rusks or 'toasts' are crispy and crunchy 'snacks' that are served with tea, coffee, and other drinks in India.  Rusk is a basic baked item that is nothing more than a twice-baked slice of bread. But this double baking is what makes it so crunchy and delicious. A lot of variations of regular rusks are available to make rusks, but most of them use similar ingredients. Once the rusk bread is baked, it is removed from the oven and then sliced as per the desire of the baker. This ends the ‘first bake’ process of a rusk.

Once the rusk has been sliced as per the baker’s desire, these slices are once again put in an oven to bake until they become dry, crunchy, and crispy. These crispy slices of bread then form the delicious snack that everyone loves- rusks. While traditionally rusk is made in an unsweetened and plain form, nowadays, sweet rusks, fruit rusks,  cumin rusks, low sugar rusk options, etc. are available in the market. Rusk is a versatile companion to any kind of beverage including hot milk, tea, coffee, and even matcha. It can be eaten by dipping it in a hot beverage to soak the fluid or can also be eaten on its own for a delicious and crunchy snack.  

Cake Rusk: 

A cake rusk may sound quite similar to a regular rusk and often the ingredients used to make the basic and plain versions of both these goods are the same, but the method of making differs significantly. While any reputed rusk bakery while making a rusk uses a traditional bread recipe, in the case of cake rusks, this recipe is replaced by a cake recipe. Thus, instead of baking a loaf of bread to make cake rusks, a basic sponge cake is baked instead. 

A basic recipe for a cake rusk biscuit generally has sugar, eggs, butter, etc. as major ingredients. This recipe is then used to make a sponge cake instead of a loaf of bread like regular rusks. The basic difference in the ingredients and baking makes regular rusks drier and crunchier while cake rusks tend to be more tender, sweeter, and softer. But this does not mean that they are just like any other piece of cake, as just like regular rusks, cake rusks too are twice-baked to give them a delicious crunch and a crispy texture.

Many cake rusk brands in India use traditional flavours such as saffron, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. to enhance the taste of cake rusks. A lot of cake rusks that are available outside India use eggs as a major ingredient of the recipe, but in India, eggless cake rusks are a lot more common than their ‘eggy’ counterparts. 

Thus, while cake rusks and regular rusks may seem the same on a basic level, the difference in flavour, texture, and sweetness distinguishes both of them. But both can be a perfect companion to any kind of hot or cold beverage such as coffee, milk, and the ever-loving tea. 

Table of Comparison: Rusk and Cake Rusks



Cake Rusk

Basic Recipe

Uses twice-baked bread

Uses twice-baked cake


Generally plain with mild sweet variants



Can include both sweet and savoury flavours

Cardamom, cinnamon, nuts, fruits, etc.



Slightly soft


Extremely Affordable

Price slightly higher than regular rusks



The kinds of rusks available in India can soothe every taste bud which makes rusks a popular tea-time companion. Right from regular rusks to delicious cake rusk options, you can find a variety of brands and flavours in the market as per your desire. If you want to try a delicious, decadent and tried, tested, and tasted cake rusk recipe, consider checking out Frontier Biscuits Cake rusks today. With their long-standing experience of over a century, Frontier knows what Indians want and what they love, making their rusks a delicious treat on their own. 

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