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Beyond the Basics: Exploring Unique Biscuit Flavors from Around the World

Call them biscuits or cookies- this unique food product continues to be popular all over not just as an accompaniment to tea time, but can also be used in lieu of dessert, or even as snacks. Biscuits are truly a fascinating food item, which has made them one of the most popular and the most varied items around the world. In fact, each region has multiple biscuit options with multiple recipes and tastes too. For instance, India’s very own Frontier Biscuits Delhi has a plethora of options for biscuits, reflecting the innovation and taste profile of its customers. In this blog, let us have a look at some of the most popular biscuit options that are mouth-watering and delicious. 

Matcha Cookies

One of the most popular exports from the island nation of Japan which has now become a popular drink around the world is matcha or green tea powder. This delicious green tea powder has a distinct and unique flavour profile. Along with a great taste, matcha also comes in an exciting green colour and a large number of health benefits.  But matcha is not just a drink, rather it can be used to make various food items including cookies. Cookies made with matcha powder can be flavoured with matcha or with different nuts and other ingredients. Not only are they tasty and aesthetically pleasing, but matcha cookies are also considered to be a healthy option as compared to other kinds of biscuits. For an Indian version of healthy cookies, you can always check out multigrain cookies available from Frontier Biscuits online.  


Brazil’s unique and delicious biscuits, the ‘sequilhos’ have become quite the rage in the world of baking nowadays. Unlike various other biscuit options available all over the world, these biscuits are made using corn flour. It is almost mandatory to try sequilhos and their distinct flavour profile at least once when you visit Brazil. But don’t worry, you don’t have to visit Brazil to eat these, as nowadays they can be found everywhere from popular bakeries to supermarkets. Available in bite-sized shapes, these biscuits have a melt-in-your-mouth texture and are crispy and sweet. Plus they are quite affordable too. Along with cornflour-based biscuits, there are various other options of biscuits that are made using non-traditional flours such as oatmeal and whole-grain. You can check the Frontier Biscuits gift pack that contains a variety of biscuits for all kinds of tastes.


Gingerbread biscuits or biscuits flavoured with ginger are quite popular all over the world with each region having their own delicious recipe. The lebkuchen is a German gingerbread biscuit variety and the Nuremberg region is quite famous for it. It is one of the oldest gingerbread biscuit recipes in the world. It is believed that lebkuchen was first ‘invented’ in the Middle Ages in Nuremberg as one of the main ingredients of the biscuits- honey, was easily and readily available in the region. The biscuit is a popular tea-time snack for many in the United Kingdom.


Most people often tend to get confused between macarons and macaroons. Both these biscuit options are equally delicious, albeit quite different from each other. Originally a French biscuit, the American version of macaroons has become quite popular thanks to their amazing taste. People who love coconuts will surely appreciate the decadent taste of Macaroon. For an Indian option, you can consider Frontier Biscuits’ Coconut biscuits which are equally delicious, albeit a lot more affordable than macaroons. 


While it is true that both macarons and macaroons find their roots in France and sound quite similar, their tastes can't be more different from each other. Macarons do not use coconut as their main flavouring ingredient, unlike macaroons. Macarons are made using ground almond flour which provides the biscuits a unique texture and taste. The recipe for macrons also calls for egg whites, but you can always find vegan options available in the market now. One of the most distinct things about macarons is that they are available in many different and unique flavours along with beautiful and vibrant colours. 

Anisette Biscuits

Anisette Biscuits are another popular variety of biscuits that have a complex taste profile. Flavoured with anise seeds, i.e. our humble ‘ajwain’, each region has a unique and different recipe for these biscuits. Anise seeds have a very strong flavour and a great smell which is why it is a popular ingredient in Italian cooking. Anise seeds are not just delicious, but they are also pretty healthy and have been used to treat various stomach ailments such as digestive problems, acidity, gas, and more. In India, both anise biscuits and cumin biscuits i.e. ‘jeera’ biscuits enjoy immense popularity and especially have a humble companion to masala chai.


Any discussion about biscuits from around the world would never be complete without the Indian (or South Asian) nankhatai. It is believed that this delicious biscuit was first made in Mediaeval India but now is popular not just in South Asia, but the world. They are popular not just with the older generation but also the young and hip people. They are considered to be a symbol of friendship and love and people often serve them to their guests or give them away as gifts during festivals. Nankhatai biscuits are incredibly easy and quick to make and can be a great appetiser or a companion to tea.


There are so many varieties of biscuits available around the world that the recipes can actually fill up a large volume of an encyclopaedia. This blog has covered only the tip of the iceberg of biscuits and many amazing and unique ones such as the American fortune cookies remain to be discussed. While looking for unique and tasty biscuits, do not ignore Frontier Biscuits, a homegrown Indian brand that has been serving the taste buds of Indians for over a century. You can find a large selection of different biscuits along with other delicious products in their stores as well as online. 

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