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Healthy Indulgence: Exploring Guilt Free Biscuit Options

Indians have an unending love affair with biscuits. And why not? The delcious sweet, salty, and savoury options available in biscuits can make for a quick snack or an amazing dessert. But biscuits can be quite unhealthy. And if you eat them a lot, then you need to reconsider your choices right away. Most people may just want to stop eating biscuits altogether. If you are one of these people then wait! Before you decide to dump all the packs of biscuits in your pantry, take a moment to rethink and consider going for healthy biscuits instead! 

Biscuits and Being Health-Conscious:

While people have always prioritised eating healthy, this trend has become not just popular but also something that everyone needs to adapt and adopt in their life now. More and more people have become more health-conscious and are choosing biscuits that contain wholesome and healthy ingredients which are full of nutrients. Unlike traditional biscuits which often contain a lot of unhealthy fats and refined sugars, these gluten-free biscuits in India are relatively healthier, helping you indulge in your fantasies without any major hassle or problems to your health. 

There are so many healthy options of biscuits that you can find in the Indian market now. All these options are great for everyone who wants to taste the taste of biscuits while also keeping a eye on their health. Gluten-free biscuits is one such variant. These healthy biscuits are not just tasty but can also help you keep those calories and kilos away. Let us have a look at how you can continue to eat biscuits in a healthy manner:

Difference Between Traditional Biscuits and Healthy Alternatives:




  • Contains refined flour of maida.
  • Is bad for digestion.
  • Is bad for people with gluten intolerance.
  • Is overall unhealthy.
  • Have a traditional taste. 
  • Contains flours made using healthy ingredients such as oats and whole grains.
  • Are good for digestion.
  • Most varieties are safe for people avoiding gluten. Are healthier. 
  • Have a distinct and different taste.


  • Contain traditional sugars such as white and refined sugar.
  • Is bad for the health.
  • Can cause blood sugar spikes.
  • Can increase bad cholesterol.
  • Can lead to diabetes.
  • Contain natural sweeteners including maple syrup, honey, etc.
  • Is better for health.
  • Generally does not cause sugar spikes.
  • Is relatively better for cholesterol levels.
  • Is relatively better in diabetes. 


  • Made using traditional fats such as ghee, vegetable oil, hydrogenated fats, dalda, butter, etc. 
  • Quite unhealthy.
  • Increases cholesterol.
  • Harmful for health.
  • Made using nut butter.
  • Includes fats made using cashews, peanuts, almonds, coconuts, etc. 
  • Healthier alternatives to traditional fats.
  • Have a delicious taste and flavour profile. 


  • May not contain ample amount of nutrients.
  • Generally have harmful additives and substances.
  • Lacks fibre in most cases.
  • Mostly fortified with additional nutrients.
  • Mix of natural ingredients can increase nutritional value.
  • Contains high amount of fibre in most cases making it good for digestion.

Superfoods and Local Ingredients:

Superfoods are one of the food items that Indians should include in their everyday meals. These items are best for people looking to eat healthy. They are full of amazing nutrients of various kinds. Some of these superfoods include quinoa, flaxseeds, dark chocolate, chia seeds, etc. These ingredients can be used to make biscuits that are not just healthy, but incredibly delicious with their distinct flavour profile. Most of them are also available from various Indian gluten-free biscuit brands so that people with dietary restrictions can also enjoy these delicious treats. For people who are looking for local and traditional ingredients, check biscuits made using ragi, Kodo millet, etc. 

Making Biscuits Guilt-Free:

Eating biscuits without any guilt later can be a good option for everyone who is looking to lose weight or avoid ingredients that may cause allergies. Thankfully, there are many brands in India now that make delicious and flavourful gluten-free biscuits. You might be thinking that balancing taste and health may sound difficult in the case of biscuits, but it is not impossible. For instance, Frontier Biscuits’ various healthy biscuit options can prove to be a great addition to your diet if you are trying to cut down on carbs and lose weight. No need to make any compromises with taste just because you want to eat healthy anymore!


There are many gluten-free biscuits in India available in the market which can help you not just indulge your sweet tooth but also maintain your diet efficiently. While you can find many commercial and mass-market brands that sell guilt-free biscuits in India, why not try a century-old, homegrown biscuit brand called Frontier? Thanks to their age-old recipes, high-quality ingredients, and amazing taste, Frontier Biscuits’ guilt-free biscuits are sure to become a major part of your everyday tea-time ritual instantly. 

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